What is a Travel Genie

and Why

Should I Hire one?


Above and Beyond the call of duty - Drove from NJ to Harlem,

NY picked client up then drove her to the passport office in

Connecticut, after obtaining passport drove client to JFK airport.

Full Service and then some -Travel Genie removed the snow

from client car while away visiting children in Florida leaving her

speechless,  Not only did he coordinate trip and client's two other

children from New Hampshire flawlessly but he drove client to the

airport and picked her up when she returned."

Problem Solver and added information - Travel Genie used his

long term relationship with a major cruise line to allow client to

change the date of their cruise without penalty when they had an

unexpected schedule conflict.  The Mediterranean cruise he planned

was wonderful and the guidebook he bought was invaluable.

Negotiated added benefits and provided a worryfree environment

Travel Genie made their Destination Wedding worry free.  Before the

location was decided, he negotiated with two hotels to give them a

free room so they could see first hand which resort they wanted for 

guests.  Then during the wedding he flew down to Nassau and greeted

the guests from all over the country and made sure they made it to the

hotel.  He even went back to the airport to recover a bag from a passenger

who took the wrong luggage from the carousel.  He made sure the bus was

there on time to take guest to the wedding location.and he made sure that

the hotel had an alternate reception location when there was a threat

of rain.

Financial Security when needed - Travel Genie picked the best location

for wedding and when client miscalculated the extras client added to the

package the travel genie saved the wedding by placing the extra charges on

the agency card until couple returned home.  They will never forget the

excellent job and their willingness to fix errors no matter what the cost.

Will travel the world to obtain knowledge on your destination - Travel

Genie cared about a client trip to Australia so much that he flew from NJ to

Oakland California to attend a seminar on Australia to make sure he was sending

clients to all the must see sites.  Clients had a great time and love his passion

and his integrity and his willingness to make his clients feel important because

that is what is important to them."  


Travel Genie Ken cared about a client's trip to Italy so much he attended BIT 2016 to meet with suppliers who help him plan a remarkable trip.  Knowledge and passion are keys to his success.​

Knows who to call in an emergency - Travel Genie saved client's son's

honeymoon.  Son did not realize that his passport was expired until 2 days

before the trip.  Travel Genie called the Director of Tourism on his behalf

and the Director met client at the airport and personally escorted him

through the immigration line.  

No limits to what they will do to make you comfortable - Travel Genie personally

took client to the cruise port for their cruise and when they realized their cane

was left at home he went to a local store and bought a new one so they could

have a comfortable cruise.

Saves Money and is always thinking about clients - Travel Genie was able to help client find a great price on a flight from New Zealand to Tahiti and on to

Los Angeles and also great accomodations and activities to do while there. 

This was the end portion of a 3 month round the world journey.  Clients were glad

they found him because his knowledge of flights and tahiti saved them about $6000

and when he heard of an earthquake in New Zealand he tracked them down to make sure they were ok.

These are just 9 of the many true stories about the Travel Genies of Dreams Come True Travel.  If you had to summarize what a travel genie is based upon the statements above you would say, a travel genie is a friend that will go to great lengths to research the best vacation for you and once planned will do whatever it takes to make that trip a dream come true even if it means risking personal funds to make it happen.  The question is not why should you hire one for all your vacations the question is what possible reason could you give not to hire a Dreams Come True Travel Genie. The answer is none.  Hire a travel genie today